Absolutely Fabulous- Shea Soufflé 100% Natural Shea Butter

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So Smooth and Creamy Whipped to Perfection!


100% Natural Shea Butter

We only use the best Shea butter fresh from west Africa to our manufactering facilities.  High in vitamins C, E and A,  Shea Butter is proven to Reduce wrinkles, Soothe irritations,  Alleviate dryness,  Minimize redness and inflammation.


All Natural Oils

We have a wide varierty of cold pressed Oils infused in our shea soufflé that are used to enhance the skin.  We pride ourselfs on using natural ingedients to help soothe and moisturize the skin.

**Shea Soufflé can be used to strengthen and condition skin, hair and nails.  It moisturizes and promotes healthy skin.  It heals minor burns, eczema and psoriasis.**